You can connect any number of environments here. It allows you to Install, Upgrade Genesys Applications as well as move apps between Servers

Add Environment

If you need to add an existing environment to OneCG just click on Add environment and it will take you to a new page where it will ask you to enter the environment detailsĀ 

  1. Environment Name – Display Name
  2. Environment IP – Provide Config Server /Proxy IP/Host Name
  3. Environment port – Provide Config Server/ proxy Port. Generally, it 2020
  4. Client Name – Generally its default but use the same app name which is used in GA/CME Login
  5. User Name – Config Server User Name
  6. Environment Password – Config Server password

Just click add and it will be added in the OneConnect Environment Section

Add Host

This is to add a new host to the Genesys environment. To be able to do this you must have at least one Environment connected and loaded so that the application knows where to add the host

The User Name and Password is Server User Name password if we like OneCG to deploy LCA automatically as well as it will allow OneCG to control the host to install any new applicationĀ