1-Click Deployment

OneCG allows the user to deploy/install multiple Genesys Applications with a simple, user friendly, drag and drop feature. There is no need to download the Genesys packages from Genesys Website. They are all available with the OneCG repository. Just select the right version you are looking for and drag and drop to deploy. Everything is done automatically

1-Click UpgradES

Upgrade Genesys Applications in a single click. Just select the application version that you would like to upgrade and click on upgrade. If you need to upgrade multiple applications in one go, there is the Bulk Upgrade feature. You could select a type of Application you would like to upgrade such as Chat Server, it will give you a list of all the Chat Servers. You just select the new version and upgrade. It will upgrade all the selected applications in one go. Similar to 1-Click Deployment you don't need to download the software from Genesys Website. The latest software is readily available as soon as its released by Genesys.

Complete Visibility

Providing an audit trail which allows users to track configuration changes made within the platform, view the old and new configurations as well as allow rollback in a single click if something has gone wrong or if someone made the change by mistake. It can even recover the deleted applications of objects if something was done by mistake.

100% Automation

Deploy applications or make configuration changes in the first platform and promote changes to the next platform seamlessly.

Promote/Changes Report

OneCG offers an easy to use reporting and management dashboard that gives an overall view on the promote progress.

Secure & Reliable

OneCG is portable and supports various architecture models such as deploying in Cloud, Hybrid or on-premise.


Migrate your existing platform to cloud or on Prem automatically

Fast and accurate

Achieve 100% accuracy and save 90% efforts and time