OneCG connects to any number of Genesys platforms. It quickly discovers the platforms and provides a view on the number of servers and hosts. With a simple drag and drop function, users can take applications from the App section and place it in any server/host. It creates the application object within config layer and using one click installs the application on to the actual server. Migrating Genesys applications from one server to another in just one click. It allows you upgrade Genesys applications from the old version to any new available version in a single click



Your Genesys contact centre is running well but the infrastructure is coming to end of life with no scope to upgrade. Now you would like to migrate your platform to cloud instead of investing in new Hardware? OneDesign is able to help you by using pure operations automation. OneDesign is able to build up a copy of your Genesys Contact Center in the cloud whether it is AWS or any other cloud or even on prem with a low effort and in a short time frame. See our case study.


It will connect to any number of Genesys platforms and start tracking configuration changes happening at Config Server. It tracks all the changes and highlights changes in a user-friendly dashboard. The user can rollback config changes in a single click if something goes wrong.


OneCG is the only application that allows users to make changes in the lower platform. Once these changes are approved they can automatically be deployed into the next platfrom. OneCG tracks all configuration changes and automatically brings them into the change process. Users can also export configuration in a custom template which can be used for approval processes & can link to clients Change Management System and can only be performed once the change has been approved

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