6 Reasons You Need OneCG Today

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Any Genesys user knows that the entire platform can come with its fair share of frustrations and complexities, making it hard for you to get to your desired end result. With the arrival of automation in just about every industry today, and the global automation industry to hit a valuation of 180 billion GBP by 2021, this kind of convenience is something you’re going to want to consider for your operation moving forward.

What if I told you that a one click Genesys solution is entirely possible? It’s Genesys automation made easy.

Beyond the convenience of this kind of arrangement, here are 6 reasons why you need a one click Genesys solution today:

  1. Multiple Deployment Options:
    Using one click deployment, now you can deploy multiple Genesys Applications by just simply dragging and dropping in a user friendly interface. With just one click, grab the application and launch it. You can do multiple applications at once.
  2. Infinite Upgrades:
    We all know that Genesys applications require frequent upgrades if you want to keep everything running smoothly. With just one click, select the application version that you want to upgrade, click it, and sit back. You can do with with as many of the applications as you fancy.
  3. Visible Transparency Guaranteed:
    A one-click Genesys system provides an audit trail that allows users to track the configurations changes and rollback in a single click. Now you no longer need to wonder what changes were made, causing problems for you down the line. You can be in the know with total transparency from start to finish.
  4. Reliable Automation:
    Automation is making the world a more efficient and dependable place. With automation embedded into the Genesys platform through One Click Genesys, you can deploy applications or make configuration changes within the first platform, promoting changes to the next platform at the same time.
  5. Reporting Dashboard:
    With an easy-to-use reporting and management dashboard that provides an overall view on promotional progress, you can easily sign in and out, with just a single click, observing progress updates and reports. Provide that real-time information to your team instantly so you can make more informed decisions.
  6. Secured Reliability:
    As a portable Genesys automation solution, OneCG supports various architecture models, like deploying in Cloud, Hybrid, or on premise. Secured and reliable, never worry about the sensitivity of your information again.

OneCG Solution
Any Genesys contact center has had to deal with the challenges of maintaining the platform,
Application upgrades, promotion of changes from one environment to another etc. In the past, the process was a manual task, requiring hours of manpower to arrive at a single solution.

Today, there’s a code-driven automated solution available to you. Sit back while the computer does what it does best: perfect the Genesys process. Get in contact with our team today.

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