How we partnered a leading Infrastructure and Technology giant to reduce the time taken to establish Contact Centers by 70%

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This European Giant with a turnover of 78 Billion Euros had a peculiar problem. Their work entailed that they increased their contact centre infrastructure all the time, and yet, every new contact centre site would take a long time to become ready for business due to manual Genesys implementation. This period that would vary from 3 to 6 weeks in most cases would lead to heavy lag, sometimes resulting in the loss of business. 

On close monitoring, One CG found that the time taken was mostly because of two reasons. 

1.     That every software used in the functioning of the Contact Center were being reconfigured while any new implementation. 

2.     That this reconfiguration and eventual application implementation was being done manually. 

In today’s world of rapid and automation, this seemed like an anomaly. 

We at One CG helped them create new applications by copying the configurations from the existing apps and install multiple applications automatically. We not only found an efficient and time saving manner to create Application objects but also added the relevant connections to Genesys applications. One CG also helped to identify required configuration changes and was able to implement the complicated and sophisticated Genesys system automatically. 

Our cooperation meant that we saved from 3 to 5 weeks in each contact center, thereby reducing their ‘Time to Go Live’.

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